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A Wasted Fairy Tale
Angel Links (Episode 2).png
Angel Links episode
English Title A Wasted Fairy Tale
Japanese Title "Haki Tame no Meruhen" (掃き溜めのメルヘン)
Writer Ibuki Hideaki
Director Yuji Yamaguchi
US Airdate N/A
Japanese Airdate April 14, 1999
Previous Episode Guardian Angel
Next Episode The Proud Dragon


"A Wasted Fairy Tale" is the second episode in the Angel Links series. It aired April 14, 1999 on the WOWOW Network.


In the aftermath of Meifon Li and Angel Links rescue of Leon Lau, Meifon receives dozens of requests for free protection, but none of them strike her as legitimate or taking her seriously and she becomes frustrated with the lack of respect she is shown.

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