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Episode # Title Airdate
1 "Guardian Angel"
"Ten Kake Ru Tenshi" (天駆ける天使)
April 7, 1999
Meifon Li, captain of the Angel Links makes a living providing free protection to frontier colonies that cannot afford protection. During a meet-and-greet at a fancy gathering on Oracion IV, she is informed of the kidnapping of Leon Lau and his adopted daughter by the mercenary group, Ashid B and task to rescue them.
2 "A Wasted Fairy Tale"
"Haki Tame no Meruhen" (掃き溜めのメルヘン)
April 14, 1999
In the aftermath of Meifon Li and Angel Links rescue of Leon Lau, Meifon receives dozens of requests for free protection, but none of them strike her as legitimate or taking her seriously and she becomes frustrated with the lack of respect she is shown.
3 "The Proud Dragon"
"Hokori Takaki Ryuu (Doragon)" (誇り高き龍(ドラゴン))
April 21, 1999
Angel Links is sent on a routine escort mission where their goal is to protect a precious statue of a dragon made of dragonite. However, they must also content with the likes of a snobby and vengeful science officer named Warren Phantom, who wants revenge against Meifon Li for disrespecting him.
4 "Lief - Living Ether Flier"
April 28, 1999
Angel Links is tasked to protect "LiEF", a massive creature that feeds off the ether, from poachers who attempt to steal its dragonite.
5 "The Rain Upon the Stars"
"Hoshi ni Furu Ame" (星に降る雨)
May 5, 1999
Angel Links encounters a persistent pirate girl named Jesia who's looking to win the affections of Kosei Hida.
6 "Crossroads"
"Kurosurōdo" (クロスロード)
May 12, 1999
The story of the Angel Links ship and how Meifong Li met its crewmembers is revealed.
7 "The Angel and the Fallen Angel"
"Tenshi to Datenshi" (天使と堕天使)
May 19, 1999
Meifon Li receives a mysterious letter from Leon Lau, inviting her to listen to "the song of the mermaids".
8 "My Ship"
"Bokuno Machi (Fune)" (ぼくの街(ふね))
May 26, 1999
Angel Links takes on the duty of retrieving a business partner's cargo after its stolen from the space port.
9 "A Pheasant Chooses Its Tree"
"Ryou Kin Taku Ki ( Ryoukinhakiwoerabu )" (良禽択木(りょうきんはきをえらぶ))
May 31, 2006
A familiar face from Valeria Vertone's past comes back to haunt her and the crew of the Angel Links. Meanwhile, Valeria attempts to get information on the mysterious "Goryu" mentioned by Kosei Hida.
10 "The Ones Who Were Left"
"Nokosa Reshi Mono Tachi" (遺されし者たち)
June 9, 1999
Meifon Li's uncle, Ulgen comes for a visit and she begins to question the nature of her past when she makes a new friend in a girl named Marcia.
11 "At the Binary Interval"
""0 to 1 no Hazama De" (0と1の狭間で)
June 16, 1999
With her nature as an android revealed, Meifon Li plots to kill Leon Lau, but Kosei Hida takes her away from the situation for a chance to live as a normal girl in the countryside.
12 "All My Soul"
June 23, 1999
When Yayoi is struck with a sudden illness, Leon Lau purports to be the only person who can save her. Determined to save the girl, Meifon Li willingly walks into a trap.
13 "Fragment of An Angel"
"Tenshi Nokakera ..." (天使のかけら・・・)
June 30, 1999
Struggling to accept the nature of her birth and the true identity of Leon Lau, Meifong Li confronts death itself in order to defeat her enemies and save Yayoi.