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Angel Links (Hoshi Hou Yuugeki Tai Enjieru Rinkusu 星方遊撃隊エンジェルリンクス?) is the title of a series of light novels written and illustrated by Ibuki Hideaki.

Publication History

Prior to the production of the anime, Angel Links was initially created as light novel series titled Hoshi Hou Yuugeki Tai Angel Links, penned by Ibuki Hideaki and published under the Fujimi Shobo Dragon Magazine label.[1][2] A total of four novels were produced and published between April 1998 and August 1999.[3][4][5][6]

List of Novels

Angel Links: Book 1

Angel Links (Novel 1)

  • Release Date: April 1998: Release Date
  • ISBN: (ISBN 9784829128039)
  • Management code: 4829128038
  • Page size: 195P 15cm

Angel Links: Book 2

Angel Links (Novel 2)

  • Release Date: September 1998
  • ISBN: (ISBN 9784829128343)
  • Management code: 4829128348
  • Page size: 280P 15cm

Angel Links: Book 3

Angel Links (Novel 3)

  • Release Date: May 1999
  • ISBN: (ISBN 9784829128800)
  • Management code: 4829128801
  • Page size: 212P 15cm

Angel Links: Book 4

Angel Links (Novel 4).

  • Release Date: August 1999
  • ISBN: (ISBN 9784829129029)
  • Management code: 4829129026
  • Page size: 198P 15cm