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Biographical information
Given name Clyde
Species Terran
Planet Sentinel III (Outlaw Star)
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Career information
Occupation Owner of Clyde's Bar (Outlaw Star)
Business Partner(s) Iris (waitress)
Out-of-Universe information
First Manga appearance Chapter 3: Kaizoku (mentioned)
First Anime appearance "Outlaw World" (Outlaw Star)
"The Rain Upon the Stars" (Angel Links)
English VA Richard Plantagenet (Outlaw Star)
Japanese VA Toshihiko Nakajima (Outlaw Star, Angel Links[1])

Clyde is the owner of Clyde's Bar.


Outlaw Star


Almost nothing is known about Clyde's life prior to the arrival of the Kei pirates on Sentinel III. Likely a native of the planet, Clyde works out of his self-titled bar alongside a young woman named Iris.

Life on Sentinel III

Clyde is close friends with jack-of-all-trades Gene Starwind and his partner, Jim Hawking. On occasion, he'll help them make money by keeping tabs on bounty hunter targets and informing them of any increase in any pirate or outlaw activity.[2] His bar is their favorite hang out on Sentinel III.

In the event that his bar becomes a target of violence for pirates and other criminals, Clyde typically welcomes the aftermath after Gene either kills or captures a wanted criminal, as business always picks up once word gets out. When Gene and Jim were forced to leave Sentinel III because of the Kei Pirates, Clyde and Iris kept in contact with them via video transmission.[3]

Angel Links

Clyde works in a bar on Oracion IV in the city of Altair. When Angel Links officer Kosei Hida enters his bar and asks for the whereabouts of Jesia, Clyde pegs him for a cop, something Kosei denies. Clyde thinks he looks too much like a "wuss" to be a cop and tells him Jesia will show up eventually as his bar is her favorite place to visit in Altair.[4]

Outlaw Star Manga

When Gene and Jim go into hiding with Hilda at the Lovers Hotel Inn, Gene mentioned that the money he made working jobs at Starwind and Hawking, was in a safety deposit at Clyde's bar. As a result, he had to ask Jim to pay for his and Hilda's room.[5]


  • In the credits of episode five of Angel Links, Clyde is spelled "Clade".


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