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Dragonite as it appeared in "Demon of the Water Planet".

Dragonite is a rare space mineral in the Toward Stars Era.


Dragonite is a limited resource widely sought after by all three powers of space (the Space Forces, the Space pirates and the Outlaws). Its value is high enough that dragonite can be used as a means for trading or currency.[1][2]


At the beginning of the Toward Star Era's first year[3], the mineral that would later be known as dragonite arrived in the form of a asteroid. It crash landed in the Arashan Desert in Northern China.[1]

After scientists studied the mineral, they named it "dragonite". During their study, they learned that dragonite emitted energy from the ether of space, an inexhaustible resource. Dragonite was integral in the development of the "space race" that allowed Terrans to explore beyond the reaches of their known solar system.[4] Humanity explored space in search of more dragonite.[1][5]

Uses for dragonite with regard to space travel allowed Chosong Science Company's Hata Ike and Sam Kaseinpow to manufacture the first Munchausen Drive[1], which allowed for longer periods of space travel for many species.


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