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Elizabeth Aihara Chang
Biographical information
Given name Elizabeth Aihara Chang
Age 20[1]
Species Terran
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Career information
Affiliation Links Group
Ship Angel Links (crewman)
Out-of-Universe information
First appearance "Guardian Angel"
Japanese VA Marina Oono[2]

Elizabeth Aihara Chang[1] (エリザベス・アイハラ・チャンレクス?), better known as Aihara, is the Communications Officer of the Angel Links.


Aihara is the Angel Links primary Communications Officer.[3] Of the crew who operate the ship, Aihara is often the most spirited, after Anne Rapan and their commanding officer, Meifon. Aihara has a marked appetite for what she considers delicious foods. She is especially a fan of crab cakes. Aihara, like Anne, is a romantic and takes particular pleasure in teasing the likes of Kosei Hida and Meifon Li about their possible romantic aspects[4], either with each other or with other people (Jesia Garland and Leon Lau). Of the crew, Aihara shares the closest relationship with Anne.