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Forced Departure
Outlaw Star episode
English Title Forced Departure
Japanese Title "Udezuku no Hasshin" (腕ずくの発進)
Writer Hajime Yatate
Director Mitsuru Hongo
US Airdate January 24, 2001
Japanese Airdate February 26, 1998
Previous Episode "Creeping Evil"
Next Episode "A Journey of Adventure! Huh?"


"Forced Departure" is the eighth episode of Outlaw Star. The episode aired February 26, 1998 on Tokyo TV in Japan and January 24, 2001 on Toonami in North America.


Gene is unconscious due to the severe wounds he suffered in his previous battle with Yase. To make matters worse, it's revealed that his wounds are poisoned. Yase contacts those aboard the Outlaw Star and offers an antidote in exchange for their ship. Gene wakes up and declines the offer, pointing out that they most likely planned on killing them all just for being involved. At the suggestion of Melfina, Gene agrees to let her try and purge the poison by taking him into the navigation chamber of the spaceship. Yase and his robots then attack while Jim fends them off until Gene is finished being cleansed.

During the attack, Fred contacts the ship, asking to speak to Gene.

Gene and Suzuka then finish off the Kei Pirates, Suzuka using a secret technique to finish off Yase, after which Gene tells everyone to prepare for takeoff. Just then, the control tower contacts the crew, asking for an explanation of what had just transpired. When they deny the crew launch clearance, Gene decides to blast off anyway. Gene asks what Suzuka plans to do, to which she says that she'll be joining them. However, once they have successfully launched, they find three Kei Pirate grappler ships waiting for them, piloted by Yakuta, Gakkie, and Onok. After an intense fight, the pirate ships are destroyed, and the crew of the Outlaw Star set a course for Heifong.