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Guardian Angel
Angel Links (Episode 1).jpg
Meifon Li, captain of the Angel Links
Angel Links episode
English Title Guardian Angel
Japanese Title "Ten Kake Ru Tenshi" (天駆ける天使)
Writer Ibuki Hideaki
Director Yuji Yamaguchi
US Airdate N/A
Japanese Airdate April 7, 1999
Previous Episode N/A
Next Episode A Wasted Fairy Tale


"Guardian Angel" is the first episode in the Angel Links series. It aired April 7, 1999 on the WOWOW Network.


Meifon Li, captain of the Angel Links makes a living providing free protection to frontier colonies that cannot afford protection. During a meet-and-greet at a fancy gathering on Oracion IV, she is informed of the kidnapping of Leon Lau and his adopted daughter by the mercenary group, Ashid B and task to rescue them.


  • Fred Luo makes a cameo appearance in this episode.

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