Hot Springs Planet Tenrei
Hot Springs Planet Tenrei
Outlaw Star episode
English Title Hot Springs Planet Tenrei
Japanese Title "Onsen Wakusei Tenrei" (温泉惑星天鈴)
Writer Hajime Yatate
Director Mitsuru Hongo
US Airdate February 24, 2018
Japanese Airdate June 4, 1998
Previous Episode "Gravity Jailbreak"
Next Episode "Cutting the Galactic Leyline"

"Hot Springs Planet Tenrei" is the twenty-third episode of Outlaw Star. The episode aired June 4, 1998 on TV Network in Japan. The episode previously went unaired on Cartoon Network's Toonami and Adult Swim on account of adult content. It premiered on Adult Swim's Toonami block on February 24, 2018.


The crew of the Outlaw Star take a much deserved break on the planet Tenrei during Gene's search for more caster shells at their presumed point of origin, Mt. Nantai. On the mountain he meets three wizards, Ark, Hadul and Urt, all whom provide crucial information about his antiquated weapon. Meanwhile, Tobigera of the Anten Seven closes in on Gene.


  • When Ark greets Gene for the first time, he distinctly mentions his red hair and caster gun. This is a reference to Juji Godoh, the protagonist of Space Hero Tales, which took place in the Fixed Star Era. Like Gene, Godoh is a redhead and wields a spell gun, a weapon used by a caster.
  • A small figurine of a pirate flies out of a barrel when it hits Tobigera. This is a reference to Tomy's "Pop-up Pirate" - a children's game which originated in Japan.
  • When Aisha is being carried by one of the resort's staff, her sleeves are the same color as her skin.
  • The version that aired on Toonami on February 24, 2018 had Aisha's nipples airbrushed out during the scene in which she complains the hot spring isn't hot enough.