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Into Burning Space
Into Burning Space.png
Outlaw Star episode
English Title Into Burning Space
Japanese Title "Moeru Uchū e" (燃える宇宙へ)
Writer Hajime Yatate
Director Mitsuru Hongo
US Airdate January 17, 2001
Japanese Airdate January 22, 1998
Previous Episode "World of Desires"
Next Episode "When the Hot Ice Melts"


"Into Burning Space" is the third of Outlaw Star. The episode aired January 22, 1998 on Tokyo TV in Japan and January 17, 2001 on Toonami in North America.


Gene and Hilda defeat McCoy and the protagonists then escape into space ahead of his men. They get into a game of chicken with a Ctarl-Ctarl ship led by Aisha Clan-Clan, who ends up destroying their pursuers in a fit of rage after losing.

Aisha is demoted after letting the Horus escape and is left behind on Blue Heaven. When the Horus reaches an agreed upon rendezvous point Hilda finds that the Guild pirates have killed all her friends. The crew of the Horus escapes the guild and they set a course for Farfallas.