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Biographical information
Given name Iris
Species Terran
Planet Sentinel III (Outlaw Star)
Physical description
Hair Sandy Brown
Eyes Blue
Career information
Occupation Waitress at Clyde's Bar (Outlaw Star)
Business Partner(s) Clyde (owner of Clyde's Bar)
Out-of-Universe information
First Anime appearance "Outlaw World" (Outlaw Star)
"The Rain Upon the Stars" (Angel Links)
English VA Rebecca Forstadt (Outlaw Star)
Japanese VA Akiko Kimura (Outlaw Star, Angel Links[1])

Iris is a waitress at Clyde's Bar.


Outlaw Star

A native of Sentinel III, Iris worked as a waitress at Clyde's Bar. She has shown a repeated, romantic interest in a frequent visitor of the bar, Gene Starwind, a part time body-guard and jack-of-all-trades.

Despite his lack of interest in perusing an actual relationship with Iris, Gene is not above flirting with her and occasionally rubbing her bottom, an action she does not appear to dislike, as she allows him to do it repeatedly.[2][3][4]

Clyde usually acts as a mediator to Iris' bouts of jealousy whenever she sees Gene speaking or flirting with other women, such as Hilda or Melfina. When Gene and Jim were forced to leave Sentinel III and relocate their business elsewhere, Iris and Clyde made an effort to keep in touch with them through video transmissions.[5] Following the aftermath of Gene's conflict with Hazanko and the Kei pirates, Iris is still appreciative of Gene's less than gentlemanly affections toward her bottom.

Angel Links

Iris works at Clyde's Bar on Oracion IV in the city of Altair. After Angel Links officer Kosei Hida reunites with a space pirate named Jesia, Iris is quick to track them down. She greets him with a hug and inquires to who the girl he's with is. Jesia introduces her and Iris insists that the two return to the bar to talk. As a result Jesia and Kosei have dinner at Clyde's bar.[6]


  • The scenes where Gene fondles Iris' bottom were censored during Outlaw Star's run on Cartoon Network's Toonami.


Angel Links


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