LiEF circles a space station.

LiEF (or “Living Ether Filter”) is a massive creature that lives on ether.[1]


LiEFs appear to drift through space and generate energy from ether from the dragonite that is embedded within their bodies. Because a LiEF can live an unusually long life, roughly thousands to ten-thousand years, many believe eating its liver will give them eternal life. As a result of their nature, LiEFs are high-priority targets in poaching circles and pirates searching to gain eternal life.[1] For the most part, LiEFs are largely non-aggressive creatures and only appear to attack whenever provoked.

LiEFs are capable of reproduction and appear to care for their young in the same manner as whales. LiEF offspring in their infancy tend to be as large as ships designed for combat, such as the Angel Links F Carrier. During the events of the episode, when within its proximity, the LiEF's offspring treated Meifon Li's ship like a toy, nearly damaging it in the process.[1]



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