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The following is a List of Spaceships that appear in the Toward Star Era series, Outlaw Star and Angel Links.

Outlaw Star Ships

Named Ships

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Image Name Type Notes Group Status
Horus (Full Body).png Horus Unknown "Hot Ice" Hilda's ship, powered by a munchausen drive and a state-of-the-art A.I., Horus is equipped with a drop ship, anchoring hooks, and missile cabinets on either side of the ship. Outlaw Destroyed
Outlaw Star (Full Body).jpg Outlaw Star Grappler ship Named the "XGP 15A-II", Outlaw Star is a state-of-the-art spaceship created by the Space Forces and the Kei Pirates. Outlaw Active
The El Dorado.jpg El Dorado Grappler Ship Named the "Fastest ship in the galaxy" by its pilots, the El Dorado is a grappler ship feared by the association of the MacDougall brothers, Ron and Harry MacDougall. Bounty Hunter Destroyed
Shangri La.png Shangri La Grappler ship The "twin" of the El Dorado, the Shangri La is the personal ship of Ron MacDougall. Bounty Hunter Unknown
The Torarato.png Torarato Grappler ship The Torarato is unique in its design in that it requires three minds, synced together, to operate. The Torarato can split into three halves and attack its opponents from all sides. Anten Seven Destroyed
String 4.png String 4 Special Forces Ship The String 4 is a part of the Private Security Force, Angel Links. Private Security Active
Midsummers Nights Queen (Damaged).png Midsummer Night's Queen Civilian ship A massive luxury ship that fell victim to a brutal pirate attack. Civilian Destroyed
Orta-hone-hone.jpg Orta Hone Hone Ctarl-Ctarl ship A massive ship, the Orta Hone Hone is used for political and military purposes within the Ctarl-Ctarl empire. Ctarl-Ctarl Empire Active
GeomancerandOverseerShip.png Geomancer Kei Pirate carrier The Geomancer is the personal ship of Lord Hazanko. Kei Pirate Guild Destroyed
EVA Craft Grappler.png EVA Craft "Grappler" ship A spacecraft used for non-violent purposes such as construction and heavy lifting. Initally the first space-related craft to use grappler arms. Unknown Unknown

Unnamed Ships

Image Name Type Notes Group Status
Kei Pirate Ship.png Kei Pirate Ship Grappler ship A grappler ship with the ability to separate into three sections, with multiple grappler arms. Kei Pirate Guild Destroyed
Ambush Pirate Ship.png Unknown Pirate Ship Grappler ship A pirate ship involved in the destruction of the Midsummer Night's Queen. Unknown Destroyed
Ambush Pirates (Law and Lawlessness).png Pirate ship carrier Carrier ship A carrier ship affiliated with the pirates involved in the destruction of the Midsummer Night's Queen Unknown Destroyed
Chinese Grappler Ship.png Chinese Grappler ship Grappler ship One of the first ships to use grappler arms in combat. Unknown Unnown
Grappler Pirate Ships.png Unnamed Grappler ship Grappler ship One of the first ships to use grappler arms in combat. Unknown Unnown
Sunken Pirate Ship.png Sunken Pirate Ship Unknown An abandoned pirate ship on Heifong 7 with 15 tons of Dragonite aboard. Unknown Destroyed
Starwind Ship.png Starwind Ship Civilian ship Mr. Starwind's ship, used for legitimate trade business. Destroyed by El Dorado. Civilian Destroyed
Gene's Pod.png Gene's Pod Civilian The escape pod used to save Gene from certain death on Mr. Starwind's ship. Unknown Unknown

Outlaw Star Manga Ships

Image Name Type Notes Group Status
The Force (Manga).png Force Unknown "Hot Ice" Hilda's ship as seen in Chapter 3: Kaizoku. Identical to Horus. Pirate Unknown

Space Hero Tales Ships

Image Name Type Notes Group Status
Fortuner Concept Art.jpg Fortuner Unknown Captain Roger Fortune's ship, later inherited by his grandson, Juji Godoh. N/A Unknown

Angel Links Ships

Image Name Type Notes Group Status
Angel Links (Ship)-05.jpg Angel Links Unknown The flagship of the Links Group, the Angel Links commands heavy fire weaponry such as the Links Canon and the Oracle Cannon. Links Group Active
Angel Links F Carrier.png Carrier Dress Carrier Carrier ship compatible with the detachable bridge of the Angel Links ship. Links Group Destroyed