Outlaw Star (Original Soundtrack 1)
Originally performed by
Composer Kow Otani
Lyrics Instrumental
Performer(s) Instrumental
Length 2:12
Episode(s) "World of Desires" (first appearance)
Albums Outlaw Star Original Soundtrack I
Preceded by "Edge"
Followed by "Suzuka"
Outlaw Star OST 1 - Loneliness

Outlaw Star OST 1 - Loneliness

"Loneliness", is the leitmotif of Gene Starwind and appears on Outlaw Star Original Soundtrack I. Composed by Kow Otani, "Loneliness" first appeared in "World of Desires" and was used to punctuate the deaths of those Gene cared about, specifically Gene's Father and later, "Hot Ice" Hilda in "When the Hot Ice Melts". It was also one of two cues used in Outlaw Star's Toonami intro, "Starwind", composed by Joe Boyd Vigil (the other being "Suzuka").

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