Marcia (Angel Links)
Biographical information
Given name Marcia
Age 16[1]
Species Bio Android
Physical description
Hair Pink
Eyes Blue
Career information
Affiliation Civilian
Out-of-Universe information
First appearance "The Ones Who Were Left"

Marcia[1] is the recreation of the late "niece" of Meifon Li’s uncle, Ulgen.


Marcia is a sweet and mild-mannered young woman, and about the same age as Meifon. When Ulgen visits Meifon, Marcia accompanies him and the two are formally introduced. Afterward, they decide to spend some time together and compare the similarities in their lives (dead parents and stubborn grandfathers).[1]

Marcia rarely spends time on her own and has always been close to her grandfather, never allowing herself the opportunity to go to school and make friends. However, Ulgen later reveals that Marcia has no social life because she is a bio android.[1]

He created her in the image of his granddaughter after he lost his son and family in a car accident, to ease the loneliness caused by their deaths. Marcia has no past and no friends as a result of her birth. Meifon, angry that Marcia would compare herself to her, rejects Marcia’s friendship and her uncle.

When Marcia and Ulgen depart from Oracion IV, their ship is attacked by pirates. Meifon and the Angel Links arrive to save them. Though she and her crewmen defeat the attacker, she is unable to save Marcia and Ulgen, who were shot by Leon Lau in his attempt to conceal Meifon's identity as a bio android.


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