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Episode # Title US Airdate
1 "Outlaw World"
"Muhō no Hoshi" (無法の星)
January 15, 2001
Gene Starwind and Jim Hawking of Starwind and Hawking are thrown in over their heads when they unknowingly accept a job from an outlaw named "Hot Ice" Hilda, on the run from the Kei Pirate Guild, after stealing a precious treasure of theirs.
2 "World of Desires"
"Yokubō no Hoshi" (欲望の星)
January 16, 2001
Gene Starwind faces his biggest fear (space itself) in an attempt to discover just what exactly "Hot Ice" Hilda has in store for him beyond the boundaries Sentinel III.
3 "Into Burning Space"
"Moeru Uchū e" (燃える宇宙へ)
January 17, 2001
After dispatching McCoy and his thugs, Hilda, Jim and Gene take Melfina (one half of the "treasure" the pirates are searching for) and leave Blue Heaven in attempt to reach the treasure Hilda stole from the Kei pirates and the space forces.
4 "When the Hot Ice Melts"
"Atsuki Kōri no Tokeru Toki" (熱き氷の溶けるとき)
January 18, 2001
It's pirates vs. outlaw as Gene and Hilda attempt to escape the gravity well of the planet Farfalas with the Kei pirates and the MacDougall brothers on either side of the conflict, vying for the destruction or capture of the XGP 15A-II.
5 "The Beast Girl, Ready to Pounce!"
"Machibuseru Kemono Musume" (待ち伏せる獣娘)
January 19, 2001
It's not an easy road for Jim, Gene and Melfina when they return to Blue Haven after the death of Hilda. The Ctarl-Ctarl they encountered from before, Aisha Clan-Clan, is desperate to learn of the location of the Galactic Leyline in order to regain her rank and status in the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire after being demoted by her superiors.
6 "The Beautiful Assassin"
"Uruwashiki Ansatsusha" (麗しき暗殺者)
January 22, 2001
Gene inadvertently makes himself the target of the deadly assassin, "Twilight" Suzuka, when he saves his friend and business partner, Fred Luo from her assassination attempt.
7 "Creeping Evil"
"Shinobiyoru Mashu" (忍び寄る魔手)
January 23, 2001
The Kei pirates return to Sentinel III in order to ascertain the whereabouts of Soi Len and Roi Fong and recapture the Outlaw Star from Gene and the others.
8 "Forced Departure"
"Udezuku no Hasshin" (腕ずくの発進)
January 24, 2001
When Gene is positioned by the Kei pirate, Yase, Jim and Suzuka fight to steal the antidote from the pirate while Melfina uses the navigation tank to rid Gene's body of the poison in the event the pirate was lying about the antidote.
9 "A Journey of Adventure! Huh?"
"Bōken no Tabi...e?" (冒険の旅...え?)
January 25, 2001
It's back to business as usual as Gene and Jim struggle to find a way to make the payments on the Outlaw Star and their business, Starwind and Hawking. However, when the opportunity to hunt down a legendary killer named Zomba, arises Gene jumps at the chance to make "easy money".
10 "Gathering for the Space Race"
"Uchū Rēsu ni Tsudou" (宇宙レースに集う)
January 26, 2001
With the help of Fred Luo as their sponsor, Gene and Jim enters the Outlaw Star in Heifong's Thirteenth Annual Heifong Space Race. Gene uses the race as an opportunity to corner the MacDougall brothers, pilots of the El Dorado, the ship responsible for killing his father.
11 "Adrift in Subspace"
"Akūkan Hyōryū" (亜空間漂流)
January 29, 2001
The Outlaw Star fights to stay in the running of the space race when its attacked without warning by the El Dorado while preparing to enter sub-ether space. To make matters worse, they're being tailed by the Ctarl-Ctarl from before, Aisha Clan-Clan.
12 "Mortal Combat with the El Dorado"
"Eru Dorado-gō to no Shitō" (エルドラド号との死闘)
January 30, 2001
The crew of the Outlaw Star square off against the El Dorado after receiving a video transmission from Harry MacDougall, unaware the youngest MacDougall intends to hack the Outlaw Star's system for information.
13 "Advance Guard from Another World"
"Isei Yori no Senpei" (異星よりの尖兵
January 31, 2001
Gene and Jim set up a business on Heifong, and the crew members take on various jobs around the city, which all come together in a confrontation with a mind-controlling cactus and its giant insect servant.
14 "Final Countdown"
"Fainaru Kauntodaun" (ファイナルカウントダウン)
February 1, 2001
The Outlaw Star is used in a criminal's attempt to rob a new jewelry store. Trapped with a bomb disguised as a giant advertisement, Gene, Jim and Melfina attempt to disarm it while Suzuka and Aisha track down criminal Crackerjack.
15 "The Seven Emerge"
"Shichininshū Arawaru" (七人衆現わる)
February 2, 2001
Gene's confidence is shaken when he is challenged by one of the Anten Seven, seven elite assassins within the Kei pirate Guild, commanded by Hazanko.
16 "Demon of the Water Planet"
"Umi no Hoshi no Akuma" (海の星の悪魔)
February 5, 2001
The Outlaw Star is contracted by an old outlaw looking secure 15 tons of dragonite from a sunken pirate ship on the water planet, Heifong VII.
17 "Between Life and Machine"
"Seimei to Kikai no Hazamade" (生命と機械の間で)
February 6, 2001
Melfina begins to doubt Gene's dedication to helping her find out who she is. Gene is contacted by the eldest MacDougall brother who wants to discuss what they know about Galactic Leyline.
18 "The Strongest Woman in the Universe"
"Uchū Saikyō no Onna" (宇宙最強の女)
February 7, 2001
Fred Luo convinces Gene and the crew of the Outlaw Star to enter the Universal Strongman Tournament to defeat a woman, named Reiko Ando, he promised to marry if she won the tournament five times in a row.
19 "Law and Lawlessness"
"Hō to Muhō" (法と無法)
February 8, 2001
The Outlaw Star crew are arrested by a private security force dubbed "Angel Links", wrongfully accused of piracy.
20 "Cats and Girls and Spaceships"
"Neko to Shōjo to Uchūsen" (猫と少女と宇宙船)
February 9, 2001
The Outlaw Star is attacked by a mysterious grappler ship and forced to dock at a nearby space station. While there, Jim develops a crush on a young girl named Hanmyo, unaware that she and cats are members of the Anten Seven.
21 "Grave of the Dragon"
"Ryū no Bohyō" (龍の墓標)
February 12, 2001
Jim discovers information on a planet a group of researchers believed to have a connection to the Galactic Leyline. On the planet, Gene admits that he's beginning to doubt that he keep his promise to Melfina and MacDougall brothers once again attempt to capture Melfina.
22 "Gravity Jailbreak"
"Jūryoku Datsugoku" (重力脱獄)
February 13, 2001
When Melfina is placed in suspended animation by professor Gwen Khan, Gene is forced to get himself arrested and thrown into a high-security prison, located on a isolated planet in order to ascertain the coordinates of the Galactic Leyline from a man named Saiyo Wong.
23 "Hot Springs Planet Tenrei"
"Onsen Wakusei Tenrei" (温泉惑星天鈴)
February 24, 2018
The crew of the Outlaw Star take a much deserved break on the planet Tenrei while Gene searches for more caster shells at their presumed point of origin, Mt. Nantai. On the mountain he meets three wizards, Ark, Hadul and Urt, all whom provide crucial information about his antiquated weapon. Due to the amount of fanservice and nudity, this was the only episode not to be aired on Toonami or Adult Swim in the US. On February 24, 2018 the episode aired on Adult Swim's Toonami block.
24 "Cutting the Galactic Leyline"
"Ryūmyaku Totsunyū" (龍脈突入)
February 14, 2001
The Outlaw Star, Shangri La, the Orte Hone Hone and Hazanko's ship, the Geomancer all vie to enter the Galactic Leyline to claim the treasure inside. However, what they discover within is not what they expected.
25 "Maze of Despair"
"Zetsubō e no Meikyū" (絶望への迷宮)
February 15, 2001
Gene is separated from the others as he races to find Melfina before either Hanzanko or the MacDougall brothers can find her. Suzuka and Aisha square off against two of the remaining members of the Anten Seven that accompanied Hanzako within the Leyline.
26 "Return to Space"
"Sora e Kaeru" (空へ還る)
February 16, 2001
Gene comes to terms with his feelings for Melfina as the two come together to defeat Hanzako, now powered by the Leyline through his wish for power, with other crewmembers of the Outlaw Star. The aftermath of the battle sees Jim and Gene return to Sentinel III, and the group go their separate ways, only to be reunited when the Outlaw Star breaks down in the middle of space.