Outlaw Star Sound & Scenario Tracks
Outlaw Star Soundtrack 3
Outlaw Star Sound & Scenario Tracks
Outlaw Star Album
Name Outlaw Star Sound & Scenario Tracks
Released Aug 21, 1998[1]
Label Victor Entertainment
Genre Orchestral
Radio Drama
Composer Kow Otani
Tracks 14
Length 57:14 (Disc 1)
16:51 (Disc 2)
Catalog Number VIZL-35
Previous Album Outlaw Star Original Soundtrack II

Outlaw Star Sound & Scenario Tracks is a radio drama and final soundtrack in the Outlaw Star series, featuring original music composed by Kow Otani. Sound & Scenario Tracks was released August 21, 1998 by Victor Entertainment[1], and features an original story, voiced by the original Japanese cast of the anime.


Sound & Scenario Tracks follows the crew of the Outlaw Star early on during the series. "Lonely Gunman, Hacking Boy" (track three), takes place between "The Beautiful Assassin" and "Creeping Evil". When Melfina discovers a picture of Jim and Gene, they tell her the story of how they met.[2]

"Invasion of the Ctarl Twins" (track seven), is set between "A Journey of Adventure...Huh?" and "Gathering for the Space Race". Twin sisters of the Ctarl-Ctarl Space Navy attempt to rob the Outlaw Star. However, the temptation of a nearby casino lures them inside and they are trapped, unaware that Gene Starwind has also been sealed inside the building with them and the other inhabitants.[2]


All tracks composed by Kow Otani unless noted otherwise.

Disc 1

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Open End ~ Through The Night[note1 1]"  Masahiko Arimachi 1:34
2. "Notification One"  Radio Drama 1:43
3. "Lonely Gunman, Hacking Boy"  Radio Drama 27:09
4. "Notification Two"  Radio Drama 0:25
5. "Tough & Rough"  Rika Matsumoto; Shigeru Shibuya 5:31
6. "Notification Three"  Radio Drama 2:41
7. "Invasion of the Ctarl Twins"  Radio Drama 4:50
8. "See You Again"  Radio Drama 4:50

Disc 2

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Indication"  Kow Otani 1:51
2. "Energy"  Kow Otani 3:10
3. "Compass"  Kow Otani 1:38
4. "Gravitation"  Kow Otani 3:08
5. "Crest"  Kow Otani 3:43
6. "Hiru no Tsuki ~FOR MELFINA MIX[note1 2]"  Akino Arai 3:21




  1. composed and arranged by Kazuhiro Hara, lyrics and performed by Masahiko Arimachi
  2. Composed by: Akino Arai, Arranged by: Akino Arai, Vocal by: Ayako Kawasumi, Lyrics by: Akino Arai


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