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Outlaw Star Sound & Scenario Tracks
Outlaw Star Sound & Scenario Tracks
Outlaw Star Album
Name Outlaw Star Sound & Scenario Tracks
Released Aug 21, 1998[1]
Label Victor Entertainment
Genre Orchestral
Radio Drama
Composer Kow Otani
Tracks 14
Length 57:14 (Disc 1)
16:51 (Disc 2)
Catalog Number VIZL-35
Previous Album Outlaw Star Original Soundtrack II

Outlaw Star Sound & Scenario Tracks is a radio drama and final soundtrack in the Outlaw Star series, featuring original music composed by Kow Otani. Sound & Scenario Tracks was released August 21, 1998 by Victor Entertainment[1], and features an original story, voiced by the original Japanese cast of the anime.


Sound & Scenario Tracks follows the crew of the Outlaw Star before and during the series. "Lonely Gunman, Hacking Boy" (track three), tells a story from three years before the anime when Gene was seventeen years old. When Melfina discovers a picture of Jim and Gene during the events of the anime (between "The Beautiful Assassin" and "Creeping Evil") they tell her the story of how they met.[2] Three years after his crash landing (at fourteen years old) on Sentinel III, Gene had established his own problem-solving business in the city of Locus. It was under threat by Volg, the leader of a crime syndicate. After also disrupting Jim's livelihood as an accountant at Locus' Amber Dream parlor, Gene and Jim eventually decide to team up and take down the syndicate themselves.[3]

"Invasion of the Ctarl Twins" (track seven), is set between "A Journey of Adventure...Huh?" and "Gathering for the Space Race". Twin sisters of the Ctarl-Ctarl Space Navy attempt to rob the Outlaw Star. However, the temptation of a nearby casino lures them inside and they are trapped, unaware that Gene Starwind has also been sealed inside the building with them and the other inhabitants.[2]


All tracks composed by Kow Otani unless noted otherwise.

Disc 1

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Open End ~ Through The Night[note1 1]"  Masahiko Arimachi 1:34
2. "Notification One"  Radio Drama 1:43
3. "Lonely Gunman, Hacking Boy"  Radio Drama 27:09
4. "Notification Two"  Radio Drama 0:25
5. "Tough & Rough"  Rika Matsumoto; Shigeru Shibuya 5:31
6. "Notification Three"  Radio Drama 2:41
7. "Invasion of the Ctarl Twins"  Radio Drama 4:50
8. "See You Again"  Radio Drama 4:50

Disc 2

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Indication"  Kow Otani 1:51
2. "Energy"  Kow Otani 3:10
3. "Compass"  Kow Otani 1:38
4. "Gravitation"  Kow Otani 3:08
5. "Crest"  Kow Otani 3:43
6. "Hiru no Tsuki ~FOR MELFINA MIX[note1 2]"  Akino Arai 3:21


  • Gene Starwind - Shigeru Shibuya
  • Jim Hawking - Rica Matsumoto
  • Melfina - Ayako Kawasumi
  • Suzuka - Sayuri
  • Gilliam II - Takaya Hashi
  • Clyde - Toshihiko Nakajima
  • Natalie[4] - Mami Kingetsu
  • Borg[4]- Unsho Ishizuka
  • Jade[4] - Hirohiko Kakegawa
  • Ira Sharan Sharan[4] - Yuriko Fuchizaki
  • Neira Sharan Sharan[4] - Etsuko Kozakura
  • Police Officer #1 - Jin Yamanoi
  • Police Officer #2 - Shoji Izumi
  • Girl #1 - Akiko Kimura
  • Girl #2 - Mieko Nehashi



  1. composed and arranged by Kazuhiro Hara, lyrics and performed by Masahiko Arimachi
  2. Composed by: Akino Arai, Arranged by: Akino Arai, Vocal by: Ayako Kawasumi, Lyrics by: Akino Arai