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Roi Fong
Biographical information
Given name Roi Fong
Species Terran
Planet Unknown
Physical description
Hair Gray
Eyes Red
Career information
Affiliation Kei Pirate Guild
Ship Kei Pirate Ship
Weapons Tao Magic
Out-of-Universe information
First Anime appearance "Outlaw World"
English VA Simon Prescott
Japanese VA Takeshi Watabe

Roi Fong (老人) is a member of the Kei Pirate Guild. Along with Soi Len and Guugaku, he hunts "Hot Ice" Hilda after she steals the XGP 15A-II and a biological android from the Kei Pirates.


Chasing Hot Ice Hilda

"Outlaw World"

"World of Desires"

"Into Burning Space"

"When the Hot Ice Melts"

Outlaw Star Manga



Roi Fong is an elderly man who is bald, with red eyes, a pointy nose and a mustache that extends past his mouth to his chest. He wears small glasses and has three red lines tattooed on his forehead.



Roi Fong is a powerful Tao Master and the strongest spell-caster in his group. Among his many abilities, he is able to create powerful barriers; first seen when he defends himself and his partners from a grenade thrown by Hilda in an instant with merely a quick hand gesture.

He is also able to channel his magic through technology and was able to brand Hilda's ship Horus with his personal symbol, thus ensuring the pirates would be able to track her no matter where she went. Roi Fong's strongest spell seen was summoning familiars as seen when he summoned a dragon from blue Tao energy twice.