Sally (Angel Links)
Sally and Kosei Hida reunite
Biographical information
Given name Sally
Species Terrian
Planet Oracion IV
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Career information
Affiliation Civilian
Out-of-Universe information
First appearance "The Rain Upon the Stars"

Sally[1] is a former acquaintance of Kosei Hida’s on Oracion IV.


When Kosei decided to look for Jesia, a space pirate he met in Altair, he ran into Sally. Sally’s attitude suggested that the two dated or saw each other at some point and she was upset that he left without ever attempting to contact her.[1]

Despite his rudeness, Sally forgave him, telling him that she couldn’t be angry at him. When she turned her attention on Jesia, she volunteered to make Jesia over as she thought she looked “too wild”. Jesia obliged Sally’s idea and picked out a dress that she liked from the window of a store.[1]


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