Sentinel III
Sentinel III
Outlaw Star Planet
System Sentinel System
Key Inhabitant(s) Gene Starwind
Jim Hawking
Fred Luo
Species Terran
Population 1.52 million
Official language English
Primary Terrain Metropolis; farmland; etc.

Sentinel III is the third of seven planets located within the Sentinel System.[1]


According to Horus, Sentinel III is a level 4 terraformed world with an industry class of 3 and a public level order of 4. To its inhabitants, such as Gene Starwind, Sentinel III is "nothing to see."[2]

Sentinel III's primary source of industry appears to stem from agricultural production; such places as the wheat fields and farmlands are used to grow food and other bio-organic elements. Its only major cities are Locust and Hugo, are home to small businesses such as Starwind and Hawking and Clyde's Bar, where most of its population appears to congregate or live. It's suggested that Sentinel III is not a hub for central or major activity in the same way a resort planet like Tenrei may be. Though there may be an exception to the rule, as big businesses, like the Luo family's, work as legitimate weapons providers on the planet, with Fred Luo acting as the seller.

In the event of unwanted attention or activity from space pirates, Sentinel III has a quarantine protocol. As it is out of the way of the Space Forces, the organization almost never visits the planet. Sentinel III's only space port, West Virginia Space Port, is located just outside Locust.

Known Locations


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