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Space Hero Tales
Space Hero Tales (Vol 1).jpg
Space Hero Tales volume one
Space Hero Tales Manga
English Title Space Hero Tales
Japanese Title "Uchuu Eiyuu Monogatari" (宇宙英雄物語)
Writer Takehiko Itō
Illustrator Takehiko Itō
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Comic Comp
Trade Published by Home, Inc.
Original run 1988
Trade Release Date 1988-1991
Volume(s) 8
Current Status Complete

Space Hero Tales[1] (宇宙英雄物語 Uchuu Eiyuu Monogatari?, better known by its literal name, Future-Retro Hero Story) is an eight volume seinen pulp manga written and illustrated by Takehiko Itō.

Space Hero Tales takes place in the Fixed Star Era, predating the time of the Toward Stars Era (Outlaw Star and Angel Links).[2]


Space Hero Tales follows the story of a young man named Juji Thomas Godoh, the grandson of the legendary Captain Roger Fortune, who dreams of becoming a hero and traveling into space. A transfer student from America, Juji attends the Fixed Star Academy where he meets a religious young woman named Sakumi Shiihara and contemptuous teacher named Kohryu. When a villain named Star King Brass attacks the school, Juji inadvertently becomes the successor of his grandfather's legacy as a hero through a series of deceptive ploys.

Publication History

Space Hero Tales started out in monthly serialized format in the Kadokawa Shoten magazine, Comic Comp in 1988. The following year three years, 1989, 1990 and 1991, Itō's manga was published in five collected volume trade releases by Home, Inc.[3][4][5]

Published Volumes

  • Space Hero Tales 1
  • Space Hero Tales 2
  • Space Hero Tales 3
  • Space Hero Tales 4
  • Space Hero Tales 5
  • Space Hero Tales 6
  • Space Hero Tales 7
  • Space Hero Tales 8