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Hazanko and members of the 108 Suns.

Space pirates are one of the three powers in the Toward Star Era universe. Space pirates take after the classical pirates of the age of sailing, apart from the law, stealing and causing destruction wherever they go and however they please.


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The beginning of the space pirates are founded in the expansion of humankind into space itself. When the use of dragonite expanded exploration beyond the Solar System, piracy became common place among the establishing colonies. As such, space pirates began to establish their own organizations and strongholds within Hopo, Tendo and the Tempa Empire.[1]

The Earth Federation, once it was established, created the Space Forces to curtail the growing criminal activity that targeted colonists and trading ships, but a lack of unity within the federation and Space forces itself made the task difficult. Despite the effectiveness of Space Forces in wealthier areas, the advancement of space combat worked in the advantage of the space pirates when the Chinese pirates appropriated grappler arms into their strategy and other pirates followed suit.[2]

Depending on the organization, space pirates appear to have the power of financial wealth at their disposal to carry out tasks without interference from the Space Forces. The Kei pirates, for example, have accumulated an amount of wealth that allowed them to work with, either indirectly or directly, the Space Forces to create the XGP 15A-II.


Of the numerous space pirate guilds, by far the strongest are the Ban Pirate Guild and the Kei Pirate Guild. The Ban pirates dominate and control the the Heifong system. Their reputation is such that pirates from other guilds only venture into their territory if absolutely necessary.

The Kei Pirate Guild preside over the Hopo system and Tendo. A subgroup within the Kei pirates, known as the 108 Suns, are a small group of Kei pirates that work out of Tendo in the Hopo system. The 108 Suns are commanded by Hazanko, who is considered the superior leader, but each group acts on their own interests according to their leaders. Another group, the Anten Seven, also controlled by Hazanko, are Kei pirates made of up of elite assassins. Meeting the Kei pirate territory at its boarders is the Krauss Pirate Guild, who control the Pitor Empire.[3]

In the Outlaw Star manga manga, a much smaller group, the Liberty Bells, hail from Earth and initially dominate the territory of Sentinel III before they are killed.[4][3]

Known Pirate Guilds