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Biographical information
Given name Swanzo
Species Corbonite
Physical description
Hair N/A
Eyes Brown (yellow when inside his containment suit)
Career information
Occupation Mechanic
Business Partner(s) Mikey
Out-of-Universe information
First Anime appearance "World of Desires"
English VA Doug Stone
Japanese VA Takeshi Aono
"Morons who can't follow the rules don't have a right to go on livin'."

Swanzo is a short Corbonite mechanic who works at Blue Heaven with his partner, Mikey. He was a close friend of "Hot Ice" Hilda, and outfits the XGP 15A-II to repay his personal debt to her.[2]


Pre Series

Swanzo and Hilda first met five years before the events of the series, when Swanzo's ship was attacked by Ban Pirates. From there, they maintained a friendly relationship, which Swanzo comments was "pretty hot" for "Hot Ice" Hilda, considering she didn't often relay information about herself.[2]

Reunited with "Hot Ice" Hilda

After activating Melfina and escaping the Kei Pirates, Hilda traveled to Blue Heaven with Gene, Jim and Melfina to meet an old friend of Hilda's and repair her ship, Horus. Upon arriving, they met Swanzo and Mikey, the former who had met Hilda years in the past.

Swanzo agreed to repair and resupply her ship with no reluctance - emphasizing their good friendship - and forwarded a message that another friend of hers, McCoy, would be unable to meet her and that the MacDougall Brothers, Ron and Harry, had been investigating her whereabouts.[1]

Hilda's Death

During his off-duty time, Swanzo was contacted by Mikey, who explained that Gene and his crew were requesting clearance into the Blue Heaven dock, but that the ship they were in wasn't Horus, and Hilda wasn't with them.

Gene explained Hilda's death to Swanzo, who was briefly saddened and tried his best to answer most of Gene's questions about her, disclosing that she was looking for the Galactic Leyline and the Kei Pirates were trying to hunt her down. He then agreed to register and paint the XGP 15A-II in order to repay what he owed to Hilda for saving his life.[2]



Outside of his containment suit, Swanzo is a small and green humanoid with brown eyes, thin arms and legs.


  • As he is unable to survive in human conditions, he wears a special containment suit. The suit is outfitted with a translator, which frequently glitches and has him speaking his natural language, Corbonese.[2]



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