The TS Military Treaty is a type of Defense pact established in the Toward Stars Era.[1]


The exact history and nature of the TS Military Treaty is never fully explored in Angel Links. The assumption is made that the treaty was meant or at least designed to protect civilians living out on the Frontier.[1]

Section 6

Following the destruction of seventeen merchant ships, three months into the Angel Links ship's maiden voyage, the TS Military Treaty was placed under scrutiny and re-reviewed by those who established or upheld it. The following review gave way to the creation of "Section 6". Section 6 decreed that, “The Oracle Cannon may only be used 60 light seconds away from any civil space route”.

Article 2

In addendum to to section 6, "Article 2" was later added after Meifon Li, the captain of the Angel Links, fired the ship's original crew. According to TS Military Treaty, Article 2, Section 6, “New construction of PK-Class ships to be cancelled. Current ships to be abandoned at the end of operating lives.”


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