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Tao Magic, as demonstrated by the Kei Pirate Guild.

Tao Magic is a form of ancient Chinese magic used by various space pirates, including members of the Kei Pirate Guild in the Toward Stars Era.


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Tao Magic involves chanting specific phrases and performing the required hand gestures in order to harness one's own spiritual chi energy and use it to power a spell.[1] The types of spells vary, ranging from summoning spiritual entities[1], divining locations[2], telekinesis[3] and forming powerful, magical barriers. Many key members of the Kei Pirate Guild utilize Tao Magic, though not all Kei Pirates have been shown to be able to do so.

The process of channeling Tao Magic appears to be physically exhausting for most, requiring great amounts of concentration and energy.[4] Against other forms of magic, such as casters, Tao Magic is either trumped or conflicts with the effects of the offending magic, depending on the strength of the Tao spell.[5]

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During Toward Stars 159, Tao Magic is rarely seen and appears to function differently.

Known Tao Masters




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