The Proud Dragon
The Proud Dragon
Angel Links episode
English Title "The Proud Dragon"
Japanese Title "Hokori Takaki Ryuu (Doragon)" (誇り高き龍(ドラゴン))
Writer Ibuki Hideaki
Director Yuji Yamaguchi
US Airdate N/A
Japanese Airdate April 21, 1999
Previous Episode A Wasted Fairy Tale
Next Episode Lief - Living Ether Flier

"The Proud Dragon" is the third episode in the Angel Links series. It aired April 21, 1999 on the WOWOW Network.


Angel Links is sent on a routine escort mission where their goal is to protect a precious statue of a dragon made of dragonite. However, they must also content with the likes of a snobby and vengeful science officer named Warren Phantom, who wants revenge against Meifon Li for disrespecting him.

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