Through The Night (single)
Through The Night (Single)
Cover for "Through the Night" single
Outlaw Star Album
Name Through the Night
Released January 21, 1998
Label Victor Entertainment
Genre J-Rock
Composer Arimachi Masahiko
Tracks 4
Length 9:69
Catalog Number VIDL-30072
Previous Album N/A
Next album Daytime Moon (single)

"Through the Night" is the official single for the song of the same name, written and performed by Arimachi Masahiko. The single was released January 21, 1998 by Victor Entertainment alongside the "Daytime Moon" single.


No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Through The Night"  Arimachi Masahiko 4:14
2. "In This Era (この時代の中で Kono Jidai no Naka de?)"  Arimachi Masahiko 5:55
3. "Through The Night (Tv Mix)"  Arimachi Masahiko 3:30
4. "In This Era (Tv Mix) (この時代の中で Kono Jidai no Naka de?)"  Arimachi Masahiko 5:55