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Lily Ford is Wikia User and Moderator in her copious spare time.

About me

Hello everyone, my name is Lilly Ford and I've been a fan of the Outlaw Star series since its debut in 2001 on Toonami (so, roughly well over a decade now).

I am one of two administrators and bureaucrats for the Outlaw Star Wiki, appointed roughly in 2014, during my attempt expand the Wiki after its abandonment god-knows-when. I primarily monitor the articles to maintain consistency of the Wikia, prevent or remove vandalism. If you need help with something or are having a problem with another user, please contact me or my fellow admins and we'll see to the problem.

UPDATE: (1/19/16): Hey, guys, apologies for my absence. I sort've gone absent wiki-wide so to speak after having, to put simply, a breakdown during my last semester of college. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed so I just took a break. I wanna be here more often (seriously) and get back to adding info, but in the meantime I thought I'd just let you know about that.


I'm pretty good at beefing up stub articles if I can find enough information or elaborate on things, but otherwise I don't have a terribly twitchy editing finger. I'm happy to lend a hand when and if I can, though. Thanks for visiting this page.

Fellow Moderators

Other Wikias

So, chances are, if I'm not here, then I'm elsewhere. I've largely been attempting to renovate Wikia I adopted or co-admin during my novice years on wikia (2008-2009, give or take) to make them functional and appealing. If you haven't noticed, I tend to be attracted to the "small fandom" communities (those with the lowest activity and popularity). The Pacific Rim Wiki might be the biggest Wikia I've ever managed or participated in after the Cloverfield Wiki in its heyday.

Video Games