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World of Desires
World of Desires.jpg
Outlaw Star episode
English Title World of Desires
Japanese Title "Yokubō no Hoshi" (欲望の星)
Writer Hajime Yatate
Director Mitsuru Hongo
US Airdate January 16, 2001
Japanese Airdate January 15, 1998
Previous Episode "Outlaw World"
Next Episode "Into Burning Space"


"World of Desires" is the second episode of Outlaw Star. The episode aired January 15, 1998 on TV Tokyo in Japan and January 16, 2001 on Toonami in North America.


The girl in the container is Melfina, who wakes up from suspended animation. Escaping from the Guild pirates in a dropship, Gene, Jim, Hilda, and Melfina go into space. They then take Hilda's spaceship Horus to Blue Heaven, an outlaw hangout. A Corbonite named Swanzo is enlisted to repair and resupply Horus. Jim takes Melfina shopping while Gene and Hilda go to a bar and get into an altercation with McCoy and his lackeys. As a result, they are attacked that night in their bedroom.


  • Internet Movie Database and TV.com misstitle the second episode, "The Star of Desire".[1][2]