Biographical information
Given name Wraith
Species Terran-Cyborg
Planet Sentinel III
Physical description
Career information
Affiliation Liberty Bells
Business Partner(s) 2 unnamed Liberty Bell gang members
Ship N/A
Weapons Long barreled gun
Out-of-Universe information
First Manga appearance Chapter 1: Fire & Ice

Wraith was the leader of the Liberty Bell gang and an enemy of Gene Starwind.[1]


Liberty Bells

As the leader of the Liberty Bells, Wraith likely orchestrated attacks on ships traveling to and from Sentinel III. The Liberty Bells dominated the whole of Sentinel III's territory and were feared as a result of their activity.

Six months ago

Prior to the events of Fire & Ice, Wraith picked a fight with Gene Starwind, a gunman who worked part time as a bodyguard. Wraith fought with Gene in a gunfight and was killed. However, Wraith was somehow managed to be revived by with the use of cybernetics.

Now, a cyborg, Wraith and his gang began to plot their revenge on Gene. During their preparation, Wraith spread a vicious rumor around Locus that Gene was a "Space Cherry" and envied the likes of Wraith and his gang because they owned space ships.

Chapter 1: Fire & Ice

Wraith employed the help of his his girlfriend to sleep with Gene. When she did, she replaced his bullets with duds, to give Wraith the advantage in the fight. When the time finally came to face Gene, Wraith called him out to fight. Gene exited the girlfriend's apartment, Wraith proceeded to taught him, calling him a Space Cherry to his face. Gene, however, did not appear to take him seriously. Angry, Wraith opened fire on him, Gene deflected Wraith and the Liberty Bells' attacks with a light shield, which only made Wraith angrier.

Gene opened fire on them using his gun and assumed they were killed from the blast. However, when the smoke created by his weapon cleared, Wraith and the Bells were unharmed. Wraith explained that his girlfriend, the women with whom he slept with, helped tamper with his weapon. Realizing that they were at a disadvantage, Gene and Jim Hawking run from the gang. Wraith and the Bells chased them down the alley, passing a woman whom they paid no mind to.

Shortly after losing track of Gene and Jim, Wraith and his gang were killed by an "unidentified person". Their bodies were left on Paradise Street.