Wraith's girlfriend
Wraith's Girlfriend
Biographical information
Given name Unknown
Nickname(s) Unknown
Age N/A
Species Terran
Planet Sentinel III
Physical description
Hair Black
Career information
Out-of-Universe information
First Manga appearance Chapter 1: Fire & Ice

"Wriath's Girlfriend" is a minor character in Outlaw Star: 1st Star: Fire & Ice.[1]


Chapter 1: Fire & Ice

After the presumed death of the Liberty Bell gang leader, Wraith, Gene Starwind became involved with his girlfriend, ignorant of the fact that she was romantically involved with Wraith. Gene perused a sexual relationship with his girlfriend for six months, doubly unaware of Wraith's survival.

During this time, Wraith's girlfriend helped him plan his revenge against Gene Starwind. One night at her apartment, presumably after they slept together, she replaced the bullets in Gene's gun with fake rounds. The following day, she asked him to stick around and the two flirted with each other until they were interrupted by Jim Hawking. Gene's partner warned him of the survival of Wraith, who survived their gunfight. Wraith's girlfriend expressed disappointment over being interrupted by Jim, Gene promised that they would have "more great sex" together when he came back. As he departed, she warned him that her asking price would be much higher next time.

However, during the fight with Wraith, Gene learned from the gang leader himself that the woman he slept with was in fact his girlfriend and that she was used to lure him into a false sense of security.